The GR Print Blog

Welcome to the GR Print Blog! On this blog, we will be focusing on printing trends that will surely increase your bottom line. While GR Print is still a traditional wholesale print company providing the most common print needs like business cards, flyers, and envelopes. Our focus is to take traditional printing to the next level which is Specialty Printing!

Who is GR Print?

GR Print is a progressive trade printer, which means we serve wholesale customers nationwide. We are available online and encourage you to contact us on our website for easy print ordering, 24/7, at GR Print.

Our focus is on specialty printing materials for the reseller or broker. We are not a retail on-demand print company. In fact, at GR Print we actively discourage retail customers and end-users, since our pricing model was created specifically for the reseller/broker.

Regardless of how quickly we print the order and deliver it, we promise our production team will double check ordered items for accuracy, consistency, and quality. We are an honest printer, offering low-cost printing, transparent job status, and no B.S.

Ark Andoun

We are known for the highest quality short-run printing, and our marketing concentrates on unique product printing employing high-tech workflow and shipping nationwide including blind shipping available to our customers. 

Our Standards

GR Print strives to maintain highly competitive pricing for a total of 200 quantities available. We also offer small runs in quantities as low as 25, with fast short-run turnarounds. We also offer quick local printing services on a wholesale basis.

GR Print is located in Azusa, California. We are a Los Angeles County printer – a local Gabriel Valley printer, to be precise.

How We Are Different

Since its inception, GR Print, Inc. has been “the printer’s printer.” Everything we print is for resale, so we take great pride in assisting our customers to meet the urgent printing needs and deadlines of their customers, through quality services offered to the print trade only.

You can count on our dependable and fast turnaround for all your print jobs!

Ark Andoun

We can keep our prices low at GR Print because our operation is streamlined, we use efficient state-of-the-art equipment, and we do not support a large sales force. We sustain a high-tech workflow, and our lean and mean staff uses the latest technology to print your jobs rapidly on a specialty paper.

As your dedicated marketing solutions partner, GR Print is, without a doubt, your best choice for wholesale, flexible printing services. Our mission is simple: to empower print brokers through competitive pricing, unique products, and efficient tools.

Key take-aways for GR Print:

  • No sales force.
  • Will never contact your clients, without a specific request from your company.
  • No branding or any other manner of GR Print identification on the print jobs we do for you, and that goes for all materials: Proofs, Receipts, and Packaging.
  • Pack all our jobs in new cartons that use YOUR COMPANY NAME for identification.
  • We use GR Print’s proprietary technology (Gang Run Printing) to streamline the printing process and operate exclusively for your benefit.
  • We turn around accepted estimates rapidly; your printing order is usually in your hands within 24-48 hours.
  • Blind shipping available.

Use of advanced print technology, examples of which are two of the high-quality presses that we use: an in-house HP 7600 printing press and an HP Indigo digital press. These two presses allow us to provide short-run specialty printing for our print brokers.

Your Customer Experience

GR Print understands that customer experience is more consequential than ever. In all industries, companies are attempting to differentiate themselves – to stand out from the crowd – as consumers have started to base buying decisions on factors other than mere price.

This is the Age of Authenticity, with products and services being held to the highest standards, along with demands for a good price. Consumers are making decisions based on instant gratification, immediacy, and personalization; including social and ecological factors. (HP Indigo technology results in an eco-friendly printer.)

Above all, customer experience is the key to success.  

Ark Andoun

GR Print works with your company to provide customers – yours and ours – with the best possible print experience. We work with you to ensure satisfied customers will return again and again.

Print-on-demand via online resources is becoming increasingly popular, in part due to the aforementioned factors. With the growth of the Internet, points of consumer engagement and their ultimate purchases or transactions are becoming closer than ever.

While many online print-on-demand services may appear similar upon initial consideration, you must take many things under consideration before making a decision that will affect your customer base, including:

1) the quality of the products you will be charged with delivering

2) where they will need to be delivered

3) what your customer deadlines or needs for rapid execution maybe, and

4) the retail prices they will expect to pay – all while respecting your own expenses and profit margins.

Regardless of how quickly we print the order and deliver it, we promise our production team will double check ordered items for accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Summarizing the GR Print Blog

This blog’s purpose is to educate and inspire our print brokers & resellers about new print technologies, materials, and specialty papers which encompasses what Specialty Printing is all about. Furthermore, our goal is to help our print brokers and resellers separate themselves from the competition which leads to more sales for everyone associated with the GR Print Blog.