Specialty Printing

GR Print CEO Ark Andoun

Ark Andoun started his printing career in 2001 when he joined one of the most rapidly growing printing companies in the United States, just as the Internet sprang into common usage.

Getting started in the online wholesale print industry and working with HP Indigo Technology and high-tech printing workflow to create specialty printing for resellers and print brokers was a natural next move for Ark Andoun, now CEO of  GR Print, in Azusa, California.

Ark started at the bottom of the company, in an entry-level position. But he was grateful for the opportunity and went on to learn how to operate the most advanced and high-tech printing equipment on the market at that time.

Goal Setting is Key for CEO

Ark has always been a goal-setter, and through natural drive and tireless dedication, he reached and surpassed each of the goals he set for himself, both personally and professionally.

He had graduated from college before starting his career and went on to receive his MBA at the end of two years, studying while working. He was a tireless worker, and it was no surprise to those who knew him when Ark became General Manager of a national printing company within just 5 years of entering the industry.

Moreover, when asked to open a third facility for the national printing company, Ark was inspired to conduct extensive research. Ark used the data that he collected in that exercise to develop plans to increase the company’s visibility, enlarge its industry footprint, and increase revenues.

He succeeded in all those goals, generating additional revenues for his new facility within two years that exceeded those of the more established, 12-year-old primary facility.

Taking it to the Next Level

His reward was promotion to Production Manager of the parent facility, and within a few short years, he advanced to Director of Operations for the entire national chain.  In under five years, increased the company’s revenues by some $70,000,000 annually.

But Ark did not stop there. He worked diligently to become proficient in every aspect of print production, including all aspects of management, marketing, finance, promotion, logistics, distribution, safety, and even negotiation and employment law.

Good People Add Value

While Ark has a passion for the print industry, he finds the greatest satisfaction in working with people and nurturing their professional growth and development. This interest drove him to develop a “Hiring/Training System” to promote employees’ hard work and dedication.

Furthermore, Ark designed this system to help him find the best people and promote their advancement by encouraging them to expand their skills in order to progress to the next career level.

He sees this as a win for not just the employees he is developing, but for the company, as well. Surrounding himself with ‘A’ players rewards Ark’s efforts, encourages the employees’ further achievement, and improves company prospects with a mature, dedicated and skilled deep bench of employees ready to step into management and leadership roles.

GR Print History

GR Print was founded in 2007.  Ark Andoun joined the company as CEO in 2017. With his superb leadership skills, GR Print’s future looks bright.

GR Prints is the first choice of print resellers and brokers, because of the company’s total focus on their needs for a specialty wholesale printer capable of short runs, quick printing, specialty paper printing, and quick local printing services.

GR Print’s Recipe for Success

At GR Print, there are no retail sales, no specialty services, and no design services. We are strictly wholesale, all the time. We offer a wide array of print products to solve problems, provide inspiration, and satisfy your customers.

Whatever your needs, we will get it done for you, whether you require business cards, mailers, marketing leads, or even branded websites.

In addition, we focus on simplicity, customer satisfaction, and empowering print brokers. We offer competitive pricing, unique products, and efficient tools. Our proprietary technology makes the ordering process easy and convenient.

Furthermore, our proprietary technology makes fast runs, short runs, and specialty prints possible. The ordering process is easy and constantly monitored for quality. Our advanced print technology and streamlined workflow provide you with the service, support, and tools needed to satisfy your customer base.