Specialty Printing

How GR Print is Capitalizing on the Specialty Printing Trend

In an ever-changing marketing world, changes are escalating. One of the biggest trends in the print industry is “Specialty Printing”. There will always be a need for print materials of all kinds. At GR Print, we are ready to meet those needs, efficiently assisting print brokers and resellers with “unique short print runs made simple”.

Finally, a specialty printer uses the latest print technologies” for their print brokers and resellers, while offering low-cost wholesale printing.

You can count on our dependable and fast turnaround for all your print jobs!

Ark Andoun

Use of advanced print technology, examples of which are two of the high-quality presses that we use: an in-house HP 7600 printing press and an HP Indigo digital press. These two presses allow us to provide short-run specialty printing for our print brokers.

Watch the following videos, and witness cutting-edge HP Indigo Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) Technology for yourself:

HP Indigo 7r Digital Press Product Video

HP Indigo 7600 HD high-quality Digital Press

Both are based on HP’s INDIGO Technology, explained here –

HP Indigo Technology Sets Us Apart

We believe that our customers demand well-crafted print solutions for their customers which only HP Indigo Technology can deliver, in our opinion. These presses are engineered to evolve over time, giving GR Print the necessary agility to handle any kind of commercial printing or specialty print runs now and into the future.

Your GR Print Customer Experience

GR Print understands that customer experience is more consequential than ever. In all industries, companies are attempting to differentiate themselves – to stand out from the crowd – as consumers have started to base buying decisions on factors other than mere price.

This is the Age of Authenticity, with products and services being held to the highest standards, along with demands for a good price. Consumers are making decisions based on instant gratification, immediacy, and personalization; including social and ecological factors. (HP Indigo technology results in an eco-friendly printer.)

Above all, customer experience is the key to success.  

Ark Andoun

GR Print works with your company to provide customers – yours and ours – with the best possible print experience. We work with you to ensure satisfied customers will return again and again.

Print-on-demand via online resources is becoming increasingly popular, in part due to the aforementioned factors. With the growth of the Internet, points of consumer engagement and their ultimate purchases or transactions are becoming closer than ever.

While many online print-on-demand services may appear similar upon initial consideration, you must take many things under consideration before making a decision that will affect your customer base, including:

1) the quality of the products you will be charged with delivering

2) where they will need to be delivered

3) what your customer deadlines or needs for rapid execution maybe, and

4) the retail prices they will expect to pay – all while respecting your own expenses and profit margins.

Regardless of how quickly we print the order and deliver it, we promise our production team will double check ordered items for accuracy, consistency, and quality.

The Future of Specialty Printing

According to industry reports, the manufacturing sector represents the largest market for print industry materials and products – including consumer goods packaging.

As manufacturers produce more consumer goods, demand increases for print industry labeling and packaging, creating high-volume print needs.

Furthermore, in 2019, consumer manufacturing capacity is expected to have risen, when the final numbers are in; that means more business for print-on-demand printing.

The print industry segment involved with addressing manufacturing needs finds itself printing on paper, as is customary, as well as metal, plastic, glass, textile products, and even apparel.

Although that is a separate process with its own requirements. And print industry operators must be prepared to engage in a variety of processes such as letterpress, digital, screen, gravure, lithographic, and flexographic printing procedures.

How GR Print is Leading the Print Industry Shift

The small business printing market remains an enormous market that depends on more mundane “bread and butter” products such as various types of business cards – which remain an essential business tool.

Including products like flyers, banners, stickers, bookmarks, postcards, tri-folds, brochures, greeting cards, letterheads, envelopes, packaging and shopping bags, business forms, sales sheets, event tickets, posters, catalogs, booklets, door hangers, hand tags, rack cards, presentation folders, trading cards, discount cards, DVD and CD covers and CD tray cards.

Printing Products

GR Print can help your company with all these necessary business print products, quickly and at the right price. In addition to low-cost printing of traditional small business and retail items for resellers and brokers.  Along with, specialty printing items such as:

  • Silk’ and ‘Spot UV’ printing finishes result from deluxe print services that apply fantastic finishes to a business card to make an impression. The Silk protective lamination is essentially a thin plastic film applied to both sides of a card; then a glossy, clear ‘Spot UV’ coat is applied to select spots on the card such as images or logos. The result highlights and contrasts the letters against the Silk lamination which bonds to, waterproofs, and protects the luxe business card, giving it an overall silky look and feel.
  • ‘Soft-Touch’ business cards receive a coating that creates a velvety-textured and suede-like lamination. The plush texture is subtle, but the enhanced color saturation, print quality, and luxurious feel make the card stand out from others.
  • The unsurpassed weight of 32-Point thick paper stock adds substance and elegance to print pieces. The thickness and heft give a feeling of substance to postcards and business cards. The resulting postcard or business card made from the doubly thick matte-finished paper imparts a feeling of importance and luxury.

Specialty Printing is our Primary Focus

Specialty Printing includes Niche Products and Short Runs. We offer Gloss Laminated Card Stocks, Silk Laminated Card Stocks, and Specialty Papers that include Uncoated Stock, Embossed Linen, Smooth Ivory Texture, Sand Embossed, Cross-hatched Embossed, Silver Metallic, Champagne Metallic, PP Synthetic, Poly Frost, 11pt Silk Lamination + High Raise Spot UV, 15pt Silk Lamination +High Raise Spot UV, 11pt Gloss Laminate, and more.

Review the FAQ on our website to learn helpful information about setting up an account, reviewing our pricing, understanding the Gang Run Printing Process, and details about File Submission, plus ordering, production, and shipping.

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